Halina from Poland

Bio: Professional curriculum vitae (CV) M.A. Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan E-mail halina.bazan@pwr.wroc.pl Education - University of Wroclaw Poland, Philology, Linguistics Jul 1974 M.A. thesis Efficiency of Polish Phonological Systems, the work was written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hab. Jerzy Woronczak. Effectiveness Of Polish Phonological And Phonemic System: evaluation of the Excellent. In 1979 I started PhD dissertation on; Theoretical ground rules of the stages of effective communication. I had not finished my project. In July 1994 - Exam FCE British Consul; In June 1995 diploma of Polish-American Postgraduate Study of Communication in Organization and Management, organized by the University, Wroclaw Polytechnics , University of Wroclaw and the Central Connecticut State University. I am a teacher from Poland. I teach Polish as a second language and English. I also run lectures in English on Polish History and Culture for students from all over the world. I have been working at Wroclaw University of Technology since 1976. Now I am learning how to teach using new technologies and I am looking for some inspiration.

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